Wednesday, February 6, 2013

House Tour: Living Area

Well, here's the last bit of our home tour- the living area! You can see what it looked like almost a year ago here

Here's a view of the first half, this is where we spend most of our time. 
IMG_3229 IMG_3221
Here we've got our little music station, Brandon likes to set up his comp. and speakers and play music on that little thrifted crate.
Can you see those boxes under the couch? That's where I keep my craft/gardening stuff. Brandon got a new tv for his birthday but you can still see the old one there in the corner... right next to those garage sale golf clubs he never uses!! I'm going to miss these couches, I'm sitting on that one as I type! My dad made them back in the 70's and then I reupholstered them... twice. Speaking of which, he also made that desk the tv is on! In the last home tour, we actually used it as a desk but I decided to get rid of some furniture and that desk ended up staying. 
My favorite part of our living room, the pirate ship! The new tv, our wii which we watch netflix on, and a basket I stole from my dad's to store extra blankets. 
These rugs are fairly new (the other one is on other half of living room), I got them at a thrift store for about $5. Score!!
IMG_3231 copy
And here you can see our lights in action. I just bought outside patio lights and hung them with little hooks on our ceiling. We don't have overhead lighting so that was my solution for that!! Also, go here to see how I built the coffee table. 
Here's the other half of our living area. 
Toy box that Brandon made for Eliza, teepee I made Eliza (this is where it stays when not in use) which also serves as a cloak rack?, bookshelf, and hook thing
6 out of 8 of these cubicles are full of Brandon's stuff. As you can see, he's a collector of books, movies, and records. I'm more of a collector of.... clothes. 
This has to be my favorite (aesthetically speaking) nook in my house. That rug is also new and a thrift find. I think it was like $4? 
This is probably the most neglected section of our house... This couch is kind of a junk collector. I wanted to move it out of the other half of the living room to open the space up a bit but now it never gets used! Oh well
IMG_3252 copy
I used to have a bunch of succulents on that hanging shelf but they got knocked over one too many times. 
And here is our little art wall. 
Eliza insisted on being in the picture (: She pulled down one of those stocking holder things and got a gnarly scratch right across her eye! Luckily though, it didn't get her eye. Now she just looks like Scar from Lion King. 

Well that's it!! I will miss this little apartment. I'm glad I got some good pictures to remember it though. This place will always be our first little home. I had so much fun making it our own. 

Brandon's last day at work is Friday (!!!) and we will be officially moving out. We'll take all of next week to slowly move our stuff over and then clean up the place before our lease ends. It's kind of bittersweet good bye. *sigh*

IMG_5162 copy