Thursday, February 21, 2013

Garden Update

One thing I've been working on a lot is my garden! Now that we are living at my dad's, I finally have some space to grow my own food... in the ground! I actually got a little too eager and started in February instead of March (: Oh well.  I still have a few more things to put in but it's lookin' good so far!! We might even add another little raised bed next to it because my dad bought two blueberry plants (he's a compulsive buyer). 

Anyways, here is what it looked like a few weeks ago: IMG_3776
cherry tomatoes 
IMG_3774 copy IMG_3786
sweet peas
IMG_3772 copy

Here is full view of my little raised bed. It is 11' x 3'. I decided to use a square foot gardening approach and marked out the square feet with string. 
And here is a look at it all from about ground level. I thought it would be cool to do these every few weeks to measure progress. Another post will be coming soon!! 
IMG_3789 copy
cherry tomatoes in the back, broccoli in the middle, and onions and spinach up front. 
I think bell peppers are going to go in the back there, broccoli in the middle, and spinach up front. 
bell peppers are going to go in the back, i'm not sure what's going in the middle there, and broccoli up front. 
peppers in the back, a rose bush (a gift from Brandon a few years ago) in the middle and some more onions in front
peppers and brussell sprouts in back, sweet peas in the middle, and lettuce in front 
brussel sprouts in the back, beets in the middle, and lettuce and beets in the front. 

A few squares are still empty in these pictures but I think almost all of them are filled up now. I've even planted some zucchini and cucumber (sneekily) in my dad's front yard! I've got some peppers and chard, that I grew from seeds, waiting to go in. Oh and we have some strawberries and some herbs growing in pots! I think that's about it.... So ya, we've got quite a lot going on now. I'm pretty stoked. 

Here are a few square foot gardening resources I've used for spacing and what not: 1, 2

Do you guys garden?? Anything else I should plant? Tips or recommendations? 

IMG_5162 copy