Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Salmon Adventures

For some reason, a few weeks ago we decided to go out and get some salmon! And then we had to figure out what to make with it! So the first night, we decided on spring rolls. Back in high school I had an asian friend that taught us how to make these. And I was kind of obsessed with them for a while.. We had most of the ingredients already, we kind of just used whatever was in our fridge and boy was it yummy!! 
First we baked our salmon with some salt and pepper. 
IMG_2888 IMG_2899
And then we gathered the rest of our supplies. We used: 
Rice Vermicelli 
Rice Paper
And then all you do is wet your rice paper, fill it with good stuff, and wrap it! Brandon made this weird sauce stuff..... next time I'll make something else and let you know how that goes!! 
IMG_2913 copy
Eliza chowin' down. She loved them!! 
Brandon suggested that we just left out the noodles though. And maybe the avocado because you couldn't really taste it. We'll definitely be experimenting some more with spring rolls! 
The next night we made this Smoked Salmon Pizza. It was pretty yummy. 
IMG_2980 copy
We didn't use the capers or dill though. And I believe there is some goat cheese on there as well as some green onions. MMmmmm mmmm! 
So that was our little salmon adventure. Do you guys like salmon? What is your favorite salmon dish?? 
IMG_5162 copy

P.S. I revamped the store and blog layouts a bit. I changed a few things here- the header to match the store, a new pic on the sidebar, and the blog buttons on the bottom of my sidebar! What do you think?!