Monday, January 21, 2013

Home Tour: The Kitchen

Ah the kitchen. Man, this will be hard to let go. About a month before I decided we needed to get the heck out of our apartment, I did a whole kitchen makeover (well as much as you can do in an apartment) and got it looking so cute! Oh well. You take some, you leave some.

 I was planning on doing a whole tutorial but it was a pretty simple fix, I'll explain when we get to some more pictures. First off, you can see a glimpse of what our kitchen looked like before in this post (minus the couch and stuff).

 And here are a few more (messy) before shots. 
IMG_8424 copy
You can see that I had already covered the bottom cabinets with the white. (P.S. if you're wondering what that thing is in the bottom left corner... that's a roach trap)
In the process of covering the counters ^^

And here's the finished product!! Basically I just covered the cabinets and counter with contact paper. Chalkboard for the top, white marble for the counters, and white for the bottom. Voila! Cheap (and removable) kitchen update!!
Branch/Towel Hanger DIY
Any Andy Milonakis fans out there? I made that mosaic for Brandon when we first started dating...
I also stuck some see-though fabric on the window with a mixture of starch and elmer's glue. The intent was that we'd be able to open the blinds without everyone walking by being able to peek inside!
And here's the more messy side of the kitchen... if we were staying I might have done up the fridge. But I didn't. So we just drown it in Eliza's art pictures. That's good enough, right? 

Directly across from the kitchen is our cozy, little eating area. 
Here's how I recovered these vintage chairs and what this area looked like before/tutorial on adding casters to a table. 

And for lack of a better place to put them, I'll just sneak in some pictures of our oh so glamorous (not) bathroom. 
So there were earrings hanging on the picture thing... but I guess I packed them up prior to this? 
(i love that rug)
Yay. Bathroom.

Sooo, today I volunteered at a farm! And it. Was. Cool. It was most definitely work and I'm probably going to be really sore tomorrow but I'm still as excited as ever! This farm is located in the middle of the city at an old factory type place. In fact, the whole farm is right on top of a parking lot!! They have tons of land with tons of yummy veggies growing. I am just thrilled to be able to lend a hand and take in as much knowledge about growing food as possible. When I finally got off, Brandon, Eliza, and I went to the book store and I bought a book (or two) about gardening. Then I went home, put on the Lorax for Eliza (and maybe a little bit for myself), and started planning my very own garden! Another great advantage of living at my dad's-land to garden on. Yippeeee!!! 

This is the start of something good (: 
IMG_5162 copy