Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Belated New Year Goals 2013

new years
photo credit to the lovely Leah Zarra, hope you don't mind me using it!  (pssst Katia! Didn't I see you in a New Years picture wearing the same feather thing?!)
I wrote these goals out the first week of January but never got around to sharing! I figure that posting them will hold me a little more accountable and maybe, just mayyyybe I'll work harder on getting them done. Haha, we'll see how that works out (: Anyways, here are a few of my..... 
2013 Goals: 

  1. Graduate with my associates (almost there!!)
  2. Make 300 sales 
  3. Put some serious money into our savings account
  4. Work on buying less/living more simply
  5. Also work on living more sustainably (that includes my dad too)
  6. Participate in 10 shows/markets
  7. Create a lookbook for every month 
  8. Dedicate more time to sharing oils 
  9. Makeover my Dad's house/pantry/life 
  10. Substantially cut down on eating processed foods 
  11. Make exercise a daily (or at least weekly) habit 
  12. Ride bikes/rollerblade/skate more
  13. Volunteer at least once a month
  14. Travel to 5 new places  
  15. Go camping at least 4 times 
  16. Purchase a small camera (hopefully the one from my wish list)
  17. Learn how to can food 
  18. Learn how to crochet 
  19. Work with Eliza on reading and coloring 
  20. Clean my Dad's garage 
  21. Start a garden (working on this one already!)
  22. Build Eliza a play house  
  23. Read at least 1 book every month 
  24. Give away more 
  25. Make a new playlist every month
  26. Have a fashion show
  27. Go rock climbing 

I might keep adding on as I think of new ones but I think that's a pretty good start! I don't know about you but I for one am so excited about this year!!

Speaking of plans/goals, I've had a slight change of them! I just found out today that I can use my business for my field experience class so I don't have to volunteer at the farm for those hours. I'm a little bummed out  but a whole lot relieved!! I was starting to get a little worried about how my store would fare with me having to work 20+ hours elsewhere. So this means I won't have to drop all of my store duties/work! In fact, I'll actually be working more than I ever have. Soooo it's going to be good, good, good! But I'm still thinking of  volunteering at the farm whenever I can, that place was too cool not to! Oh and when February comes along, I'll be starting a garden of my very own. I've got big plans and am spending lots of time on research to make sure I get it right!! 

So things are slightly different now, definitely a lot less stressful. I'm excited to find ways I can utilize all the extra time for the store! Time to get my noodle dance on! 
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