Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Wine Bottle Crafts

I while back I made a bunch of wine bottle planters for some craft shows. I wanted to do a post about it but that just didn't happen. But instead of skipping it all together, I thought I'd share some other crafts you can do with wine bottles! Here are a few that I found surfing the internet: 
Wine Bottle Lantern
Wine Bottle Wind Chime
Wine Bottle Votive
Wine Bottle Bell Chimes
Wine Bottle Vases
Wine Bottle Planters
This is what I've been using to cut wine bottles to turn into planters- How to Cut a Wine Bottle. To make planters, I cut them (just like the video), roughen up the edges so they don't harm anyone, and then plant succulents in them! Yay for upcycling! 
IMG_5162 copy