Monday, October 8, 2012

Weekend Market Stuff

Last weekend I went to a few markets and it was a lot of fun! Eliza and I collected as many business cards as possible and I just had to share. So I came home and put all the links worth saving into this post! And then, I expanded that with a little research of my own. We'll start off with the couple of things we found there: 
Ruby in the Dust Vintage
Magpies & Peacocks

Eliza and I attended this essential oils seminar and it was very insightful! Eliza even enjoyed it! I'm really interested in starting to use essential oils in our daily life.... but they're a little pricey so it might be a while. We did learned a lot about all the benefits/ways of using them and I was really impressed. It was only a group of about 8-10 people and they were all so nice and welcoming. Even though Eliza was being... a 3 year old everyone was so accepting which made the experience even more exciting! One very nice lady even said I was a good mom (which is pretty much the best compliment a mom can get)! Seriously though, I can't wait to get my hands on some oils! 
Cookery Club This was probably the second most exciting thing we saw. This lady had a booth of eco-friendly toys and of course, Eliza was drawn to this one like a magnet! She had a toy pieces that went along with it, some of which I've put just below. When I have the money, I would really love to get Eliza some of these. Now, THESE are the toys I would love for her to have. Eco-friendly, non-toxic and purposeful. 
Assorted Fruits & Vegetables, these are SO cool! The two halves stick together with velcro and you can "cut" them in half. Eliza LOVED these. And the best part is, is that they are made from organic, recycled rubber wood.
Fruit & Vegetable Play Set
Gourmet Chef Cookware
Cooking Utensils
Tableware Set
Green Toys Tea Set Ever since Eliza has been drinking out of cups, she's had this weird thing where she likes to pour/dump the contents into other cups (or any object that will hold water). Maybe she saw us pouring things into cups and wanted to mimic us? Anyways, I think this would be a great toy for her. You know, to satisfy her pouring needs. 
Shopping Cart And of course, how freakin' cute is this?!
Seven Times the Sun: Guiding Your Child Through the Rhythms of the Day  I can't remember where exactly I saw this but it looks like a good read. I could definitely use some advice in this area! 
And a few other links/sites I came upon in my searching: 
 Website to find vegetarian restaurants
Pat Greer's Vegan Kitchen in Houston 
Green Toys 
Raw Food Resource
Plan Toys

Man, another weekend come and gone. This one was a little less action packed, a very lazy (in a good way) weekend. Although some very important things happened like another cold front came through to rescue us from the 90 degree weather! And I had a really great talk with someone I had been afraid of confronting. It's nice to finally get things off your chest. And when they go well, it makes it even better!  
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