Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Our Weekend Part 1


Here is part 1 of our weekend! On Saturday I attended the Houston Re-market which is a place you can recycle, swap, shop, and eat! It was really awesome and I really enjoyed being a part of this awesome event. It's a monthly thing so I'll definitely be going back next month!
It was so funny, we got there right when set-up was supposed to be but no one was there! And since it was our first time, we weren't sure we were in the right place. We had actually been to this specific place before for a photo shoot (remember this?) and were really confused and kind of excited that it might be there! Finally someone showed up and it did end up being the place we thought! Pretty darn cool. 
So we set up shop...
IMG_1212 copy IMG_1173 IMG_1183
Enjoyed some live music....
IMG_1233 IMG_1193 IMG_1191

And hung out and met people! The painting below was something Brandon got by swapping some clothes. IMG_1210
Also, there was free beer donated by St. Arnold's which Brandon thoroughly enjoyed. I thought that was pretty cool of them. 
IMG_1223 IMG_1241IMG_1239

They had a booth for swapping and I got some pretty cool things! A few dresses, a children's book, and a really cool hat. 

After the show we traveled up to my hometown and attended a Halloween party! I have a thing for dressing up so that was fun. Annnnnd of course, you already know what happened Sunday (; 

So that's a wrap! It was a fun filled weekend for sure. And this weekend's going to be just as good! I'll give you a hint, it involves more dressing up and camping!! 

IMG_5162 copy