Thursday, October 4, 2012

Green Things

On the topic of eco-friendly things, here are some green products I've had my eye on! 

Greening my kitchen is something I'll be working on for a while, mostly due to finances (because eco-friendly/nice stuff is expensive!!). But here are some awesome handmade colanders that I wouldn't mind having in my kitchen ;) 
Berry Bowl Collander
Berry Basket
White and Purple Berry Bowl
This is something that Bekah from My Little Loves wrote about and I jumped at the idea! We have tried the whole metal bottle thing but I couldn't handle the metal taste and smell. It just wasn't for me. So THIS made me really excited. They are glass water bottles.
Life Factory Beverage Bottle
And hello! Mixing the colors? This made me love them even more! 
Lifefactory Color Blocking
Reusable Produce Bags, I need some of these
Nest, have you guys heard of this? It's definitely something to look into. I live in an apartment so this won't help me but whenever we settle into a home, I definitely want to get one of these! 
DIY Solid Perfume, I've been longing to make some of my own perfume! Here are a few more resources for this: 
Info about essential oils, info about mixing oils
Dr. Bronner's Hand Sanitizer, another thing I got from My Little Loves 
0085039400297_300X300 0085039400226_300X300 
Some eco-friendly nail polish 1, 2
Also, here's a Homemade Bug Spray Recipe: 
1/2 oz Citronella
1/4 Lavender
1/8 Pennyroyal
1/8 Tea Tree Oil
1/8 Clove or Cedar
1/8 Jojoba
Mix in a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol as a carrier. Spray, repel bugs, and smell fabulously!

A a few more links to add to the list (: 
Tips for lowering waste in your home, SunRay Kelly Homes, simple winter house, composting toilet, grey water.

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