Thursday, October 18, 2012

Girlish Garb: A Walk

Outfit Details: 
Top- Handmade 
Skirt- Thrifted 
Shoes- Target
So, a few days ago I was at my Dad's house. Eliza came along with me because my dad was off work and he likes to watch her while I work there. Well I took a break to do some outfit pictures and got my camera, tripod and walked outside, out the gate. Eliza followed me out. In just her underwear. And... she came with me. My dad asked if it was ok and I said ya! So we started walking away from the house (in search of a good picture taking place) and ended up heading down the street. Then I decided I wanted to go further to find a better place so we turned the corner and walked to the school that is less than a block away. All the while, Eliza is still in her skivvies! 
IMG_0512 IMG_0520
We wondered around, explored a bit, and took some pictures. 
IMG_0508 IMG_0502 IMG_0506
Then all the sudden, I hear one of those fog horns. I know it came from my Dad's because that's how he used to call us when we were little and playing at the neighbors. So we walk back and are greeted with an angry brother and pappa! Apparently they had gotten really worried and my brother had been out driving around looking for us! And then they proceeded to accuse me of being white trash because I took Eliza around in her underwear! We were only around the corner though? And she just likes to be nude, I can't help that.... well maybe I can but you know, if she wants to run around naked then so be it! Sometimes I just don't feel like wearing clothes either. Doesn't anybody else ever feel like that?! The only difference is, she doesn't care (or know any better) about other people judging her. So I say good for her! 

Anyways, it was and adventure. I got a little laugh from being called trailer trash. Whatev. Oh! Also, I'm trying to learn how to french braid my hair and this was my second attempt. It's so dang hard though! I guess I just have to figure out the rhythm. Practice makes perfect right? 
IMG_0525 copy

IMG_5162 copy