Friday, October 5, 2012

Girlish Garb: A Day in the Life of Sam

Can I just say that the weather here has been GORGEOUS. Now this is what I've been waiting for. 
IMG_9821 IMG_9807 IMG_9810
Man, looking at these pictures makes me realize how light the bottom of my hair is!! I need to get on that henna dying business. 
Outfit details: 
(please excuse the weird zipper bumps, a zipper in the front may not have been the best idea but I love the dress too much to care)
IMG_9813 IMG_9831 IMG_9828
Lookin' fab girl! We bought these scarves today at the thrift store, 50 cents each! 
IMG_9853 IMG_9857 IMG_9866
Brandon likes to work out/show off sometimes at the park. But this picture was too cute not to post!
I didn't even mean to capture this but it happened. I love this picture.... maybe I'll get it framed? 

Today was a weird but at the same time, normal day. In case you're interested, I thought I'd share it with you. Here is a day in the life of Sam: 

Today is one of the three days during the week in which none of us have school. This means I get to work the second half of the day after Brandon wakes up from his nap (he works from 3 am to 10 am). On this lovely morning, I slept in longer than expected but woke up with a positive attitude (I tried) and ate breakfast with Eliza. I checked some emails and did a little blog reading while Eliza played with her toys and got into trouble about every 5 minutes. It was one of those days. Then I cleaned up our mess from breakfast as well as some general house cleaning. After that, we got dressed for the day. I decided we looked cute and tried to take an instagram of our outfits. The second take was alright so I posted it. Unfortunately, while busy on my phone, Eliza decided to smear whatever she was chewing in her mouth all over the mirror. Yum.... 

After a hissy fit over her not-so-great behavior this day, we went to the thrift store so I could get some things for my store. Usually I do this when I'm going to work but we were headed out to the library anyways and Eliza likes to  play with the toys there ;) So we went to the thrift store and spent a little too much time there. But it wasn't my fault... ok, maybe a little my fault. But this guy stopped me to talk about his art and blah blah blah. Needless to say, the library didn't happen. We drove home and ate some lunch, mostly fruits and veggies and a few leftovers. Then Brandon woke up (or rather Eliza woke him up while throwing a tantrum). After we kicked him out of the bed, Eliza and I snuck in for some one on one cuddle time. Sometimes she can be really sweet. When all of us were finally ready, we all packed into the car and voyaged over to my dad's house (where I work). Upon arrival at my dad's, Eliza, Brandon, and I wander over to the school (behind my dad's house) to take some outfit pictures. I love when then whole fam joins in because it makes taking outfit pictures so much more exciting. Everyone joins in and it's like a mini adventure! After playing around, taking pictures and what not, we wrap that up and wondered right back to my dad's. 

When we got back, I plopped myself down at the kitchen table and opened my computer to check some more emails/read blogs, this is usually how I start my work day, to get motivated and all. After I have checked everything I could possibly check, I drag myself upstairs to get productive!! I unload all my goodies from the thrift store and get to work. This entails putting the ready-to-sell clothes away and then piling up the others in my "to be upcycled" box. I spent the rest of the day upcycling/fixing up clothes to be sold. 

Sooner or later 7 o'clock comes around and Brandon and Eliza come upstairs to get me. We leave my dad's, stop by HEB for food supplies, and then head home where I make a yummy pizza and Brandon bathes Eliza. Brandon turns on the presidential debates and we watch that while I simultaneously clean up the kitchen. Eliza wonders off playing with some dolls and pillows. After the kitchen, I move on to the laundry which is when Eliza joins me and decides to "help" out. This means she plays dress up while I attempt to put things away. I dislike laundry very much. After putting away about 3 loads worth of clothes, I decide I have too  many so I pull out at least 20 items of clothing to upcycle/sell in my store. Ahhh. After I'm satisfied, I get Eliza ready for bed, read her a book, and finally put her to sleep. And now, here I am, on the floor next to Eliza's bed, writing my blog post. 


It's been a good day. It started out a bit rough with Eliza being a little terror but sometimes that just makes me appreciate her sweet moments a hundred times more. She got better as the day progressed and we kind of had a blast doing laundry together. I mean, as much fun as you can have doing laundry. I felt like I got a lot of stuff done at work which is always a good feeling. Brandon did a really great job with these pictures so that's another thing to be happy about! And for the first time in a long time, I'm not overtired and morose right before bed! A good day indeed. 

IMG_5162 copy