Friday, September 14, 2012

Sam Wish: Newwwwww

Hey folks! I did a photoshoot the other day to get my creative brain goin'! It took me but I finally finished them and LOVE how these came out! What do you think? 
top, skirt
IMG_9317 copy
vest, shorts
IMG_9332 copy copy
top, skirt
IMG_9387 copy
top, skirt
top, shorts

Visit Sam Wish here. 

Sorry about my short disappearance. My week has been kind of weird. It's my "girly" time and my hormones have not been kind to me this week. That's one thing I'll never like about being a girl. You're kind of powerless when it comes to random (and bad) mood swings. But the last two days have been really great, no mood swings in sight! So I've just been enjoying my time and not worrying about blogging. 

During that, I decided to do this photoshoot! It took me a while to figure out what I wanted out of it, but I finally came upon something I really like. It was mostly inspired my a picture I saw, this is supposed to look like stained glass!

Other than that I've been catching up with cleaning (a never ending battle), eating great food, going on bike rides, and having fun with Brandon and Eliza. The only good thing about having a few bad days is that the couple of days after that are really great in comparison!! 

IMG_5162 copy