Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sam Wish: New Handmade Goods!

I know I did a post earlier today but I just couldn't wait!!!! All summer I've been working on new patterns and creating a bunch of handmade goodness! If you guys have been around, you remember my last "line" of dresses. This time I have new and improved dresses as well as some handmade shirts! And everything is made from vintage/thrifted/repurposed materials so it's all eco-friendly! I hope you like them :) 
IMG_8685 img_8749 img_8729 IMG_8665 IMG_8697 IMG_8663 copy IMG_8637 img_8766 IMG_8599 img_8757
This is actually a dress from the last line that I just added pockets to! 
IMG_8649 img_8627 img_8776
Repurposed from the last line of dresses
img_8827 img_8849 img_8797
Also, repurposed from the last line of dresses. 
img_8809 img_8826 img_8330
You can't really see but this is made from a handkerchief and has really pretty embroidery on the front! 
img_8851 img_8863

What do you guys think?! You can see them all on my website- Sam Wish. And this time around, I tried to make the prices a little more reasonable.

Would you do me a favor? I'm really interested in knowing which ones you like best! Would you be so kind as to comment with your favorite item?? (: And maybe what you like about it, the fabric, color, the design, whatever. That would help me out so much, thanks! Can't wait to hear what you all have to say!! 

IMG_5162 copy