Friday, September 7, 2012

Girlish Garb: Denim on Denim

If you guys follow me on instagram, you probably saw Brandon wearing this outfit. Yes. He's a weirdo. And the sad thing is, he can rock a pair of high waisted shorts.... Wow, moving on. I think this is my new favorite vest. I got this little pin from my sister (thanks Heather!) and together, they are the perfect match. I was feeling a bit tomboy this day so I threw on some shorts, my lucky boots and was off to work! 
IMG_8576 IMG_8583 IMG_8594
Outfit Details: 
Vest- Thrifted/DIY 
Shorts- Thrifted/DIY 
Shoes- Gift from Brandon (Urban Outfitters?)
IMG_8864 IMG_8592
This is kind of my farewell to summer outfit. Or my telling summer to f off outfit. It has been a hot one and I for one, can NOT wait until it starts too cool down around here. I've been trying to plan for fall (clothes and what not) but it is so hard when it's still 100+ degrees outside!! I hear there may be a cold front coming this weekend. We'll see about that!! 
Also, remember the necklace from my last outfit post? I posted a tutorial over at Wanderlust for it, check it out here
Annnnd something I'm super excited about, I got a tumblr!! You can check it out here. I signed up maybe three days ago and have spent way too much time filling it up. Just so much prettiness out there that needs to be blogged! So yes, check out my tumblr
Have a great Friday everyone!!
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