Thursday, September 27, 2012

DIY projects

I wanted to share a few projects I've done this past year that I haven't posted on the blog yet! Our apartment is pretty tiny so our furniture is really important. In the beginning, we were able to borrow everything we needed but as we settled in, I wanted furniture that would be super functional and would fit our needs. We'll start off with the easiest of the bunch, our coffee table! 
This one was super easy to make. We used this tabletop from Ikea (only $5!!), got some tapered legs and leg plates to screw them into the table (mine are angled). The last coffee table we had was beautiful, don't get me wrong, but it was so large and dark and the little ledge on the sides made it hard to clean up messes. This one is white and SO much easier to clean. I wanted it to be bright and simple but a little retro, hence the tapered, angled legs. 
It's perfect and when it comes time to move, it'll be a snap to disassemble and store. (excuse the paint stains on the edge there ;) )

This is just a little something I made for our window sill to put plants on. Our old hydroponic system sat there but it was kind of wonky and oversized so I have plans for a new one that will fit perfectly on this little top. I made this from a scrap piece of 1x12 and then cut two pieces of 1x1 to hold up the other side (the farthest side is resting on the window sill). And, as I found out, it's a perfect spot to store all of our boots too!! 
IMG_9760 copy IMG_9758 copy
Remember my old book shelf? Well in my crazy simplifying scheme, I decided it had to go. It just wasn't useful enough and we needed more storage space. That's actually what I used for the thing above ^^ and the little crates have been dispersed through work and home areas. I got rid of Eliza's bookshelf too and made us all one giant one to house our books, movies, records, trinkets, etc. I got the idea/plans to make my own expedit looking shelf here. It didn't come out perfect but I'm pretty sure it cost me under $30. So was it worth it? For sure. (and it doesn't have those nasty chemicals that particle board furniture has, goodbye formaldehyde!!)
Now, here's the big one. Our bench!! I've been stalling on posting this one because I was dreading having to explain how I made it. I lost the plans I had and didn't take too many pictures of "in the making". But basically this is just a square box with a plywood lid that is covered with fabric and stuffed with padding/cotton. It does have a bottom and the lid was at one time on a hinge with arms that supported it when it opened. However, due to a malfunction (on my part) it is no longer on a hinge... or arms. So now, I have to take the whole top off to get to the inside. But that's ok. 
Here is a picture in the process of attaching the fabric
You can see here that I used some padding and then a bunch of cotton around and on top of it. 
This is what it looked like almost a full year ago! Look how clean and pretty!! 
We wanted something that was comfy and easier for Eliza to sit in. Now we can corner her in when it's time to eat and we're all comfy. The only thing I wish I would have done is make the fabric removable. It's gotten kind of dirty (see picture below) and I might have to make a little slipcover for it. I also added a nice comfy pillow for behind it as you can see below.
So far, it's holding up pretty well! We can store lots of things inside which is part of our purpose for making it. And we've gotten rid of our desk so this how now become our study/work area. I'm so glad I decided to stuff the heck out of it, my butt is so thankful! 

Everything has been made/built with simplicity and functionality in mind. I was getting really frustrated with all the useless things we had so I just got rid of them! And now we have so much more space and less clutter and it's great. (so much easier to clean!!)

Man, looking back at the Home Tour, our place sure has changed. I've done a lot of getting rid of things and re-arranging. Maybe I'm due for an updated home tour? Yes?

In other news, I can't believe it's Thursday already! I've got a packed weekend that I'm excited for. In the mean time, I've got some Glee to watch!! Any other Gleeks out there?! 
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