Friday, September 21, 2012

Belly Dancing

I have a firm belief in hobbies. I mean, this blog is based off my belief in hobbies. My last huge hobby has now become my career so I have been kind of in need of a new one! One that doesn't involve things or spending money. And I decided, while I'm at it, it might as well be one that's physically active! Ok, that might not be how it came about but somehow I stumbled upon belly dancing and apparently have a new found excitement for getting fit!! We are going to the Renaissance Festival in about one month's time and I am determined to be a belly dancing pro, extremely fit, and have an awesome, amazing costume. So that's that. And I've really been enjoying myself. Here are some inspiring videos of exceptional belly dancers. 
Rachel Brice and Illan
Shakira (had to put her in here, this video is awesome)
Joline Andrade
Alia Mohamed 
Vorobiova Gala

I've been interested in belly dancing since I was little. But it wasn't until after I had Eliza that I really got into it. Belly dancing is what I did to lose weight after Eliza. It's quite a work out and something I really enjoy. It's dancing and it's fun! It also helps with self-confidence, it makes you feel really good about your body and it's so sensual and well.... sexxxxxay! Which for a mother, or me at least, is an awesome bonus for a new hobby. Plus, helllooooo, the costumes are totally awesome.

Youtube has been a great source to find beginner lessons on belly dancing. If you're interested, this whole series is great for learning all the basic moves. These are a few of the lessons, they go by moves: 
The twist, instructions begin at 2:50
Hip bumps 
Figure eight
Vertical figure eight (or as I like to call it, the Snake) 
Chest shimmy/wave
Rib/hip circles
Hip snaps
Do you guys have any fun ways to get fit? Have you tried out belly dancing?Tell me about it! 
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