Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Studio Market

IMG_8256 IMG_8257 IMG_8258 IMG_8263 IMG_8265 IMG_8270 copy IMG_8274 IMG_8273 IMG_8278 IMG_8280 IMG_8286 This weekend was so good. The fashion market was probably the best event I've done thus far! I made a little more than the last one (which isn't much) but less than my first event. However, I did do a lot of good networking and learned some very valuable pieces of information. And so many of our friends came out to support me as well as a lot of my family (even Eliza!). It was a really cool location (I forgot to take pictures!) and all the other vendors were really nice. I felt like I was taking part of something that's on the verge of being really big! This was the first event of it's kind in Houston and the team that put it together are really determined to make it big. So that's a cool feeling. It was just all around good.

The past few months have been very good to us. They've been filled with so much excitement, activity, friends and plans for the future. Brandon's found a new hobby of sorts, I've becoming more motivated to finish school (only a couple more semesters!) and I feel like I've been doing good work-wise on  really narrowing down what I want to accomplish/where I want my store to go and creating a better product/brand. It's been really fulfilling. 

Sometimes during the school year, when all of our friends are away, we can get quite lonely and disheartened, bogged down with school, work, and just life. But this summer has been a good reminder that we do have friends and how great the friends we have are. Another really exciting thing about the show is that we got to meet some people that could turn into really great friends. And they live in Houston! For the longest time, we had given up hope that we would ever find friends in Houston. One, because we are so busy and two, because we just haven't had the opportunity to meet people that we can relate to. But turns out, we just needed to look in the right place! 

So many great summer things. I'm sad that this season will be ending but am SO excited for fall/winter. I'm hoping this goodness will carry over and turn into more great things.

I think we're ready for this next chapter in our lives. In a way, it feels like a new beginning. We've been struggling for a long time and it's finally starting to feel like it's all paying off. We've finally got our foot in the door! I feel like something new and exciting is going to happen, I just can't wait to see what that is!

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