Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Some Music

I'm officially back! Today I'm catching up with work and homework. While I was studying for my American Popular Music class I came across some fun songs. Here are a few that I liked and a few extra that I put just for the fun of it! 
This is the extra part. I was studying about "world music" and "alternative" music and somehow thought of these guys! Their name is Die Antwoord and they are a rap group from South Africa. They're pretty out there, you may not like them but for some reason I find them so fascinating! 
So this is a music video of one of their songs....
And this is a short movie made by Harmony Korine. LOVE it. 
I happened to read one of the comments and thought it was great. Exactly my thoughts: 
The first time I saw her I was like "IS SHE EVEN REAL!?" she's so beautifully weird. Even her face is just so wonderful to me. She's like a magical elf from some future galaxy who came here to mindfuck idiots. 
  IMG_5162 copy

P.S. I'm looking to start advertising my store on other blogs. Do you guys have any suggestions of blogs I should look at?? Thanks!