Friday, August 31, 2012

Hair & Body Products

So, I've done a few posts on hair/body products that I've been using. First, I went no-poo. This is something that's been accomplished over a period of time. Now, if I wanted, I could go 6 days without washing my hair and it won't be oily. That's pretty freakin' awesome. Of course, if I do strenuous activity everyday where I sweat a lot, then that would change but usually I don't. Now, I do take showers at least every other day and wash my body. But instead of washing my hair, I just rinse it out and massage my scalp. This helps to release some oil and move it down my hair, a natural conditioner! Also, this helps to loosen up any dirt or sweat that needs to be rinsed out. So, once I got the hair thing down I moved on to our other products, converting all to organic/natural products. Some we still use but we've changed it up a bit so I thought I would post an updated version of the hair/body products we use. 
bath products
1. I wash my body with Dr. Bronner's liquid peppermint soap. I also use a mix of half peppermint soap/half water to "shampoo" my hair which I apply with a little squirt bottle. 
2. Brandon has been on a bar soap kick and uses Dr. Bronner's citrus orange bar soap.
3. For a while I used organic conditioner but after I bleached my hair, it wasn't working out for me. So I went back to trying Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar  and LOVED it. I really don't mind the smell and it just makes my hair so soft and smooth. It's a great detangler and adds moisture back into my hair, taking out the frizz factor. I usually put a few tablespoons in a cup and then add in an equal amount of water. I pour it over my hair and if I feel like it, I'll let it sit for a minute or two. Then rinse and rinse well.

4. For Eliza's hair and body, we use Dr. Bronner's liquid unscented soap. And for conditioner, I use some random left over organic conditioner we have. 
5. For face lotion, we use Shea Moisture African Black Lotion. It's hard to find apparently but I got it at Target. And it kind of just occurred to me that it might be intended for african american people? Oh well. 
6. And for the rest of our's & Eliza's body, we use Shea Moisture Baby Lotion. This stuff smells WONDERFUL.
We try to keep it pretty simple. Sometimes we'll try different Dr. Bronner soaps. Rose is a favorite of mine. And they just started selling them at HEB (where we grocery shop) so that makes my life easier. 
Also, I thought I should mention, we don't use face wash. Whenever my face feels oily, I'll just rinse it with cool water and wipe off. If it's really bad, chances are my whole body will be gross and I'll just take a shower. If I'm in a crunch, I'll use the peppermint soap to wash with. But really, I'm fine with just a water rinse. 

**Update: Someone asked about makeup relating to washing your face. I don't wear makeup everyday and when I do it's only eye makeup. However, for the times I do where makeup, I have found a useful trick for removing it. I rinse my face with water to remove excess makeup and then to get off the rest, I dab some lotion onto my eyes and rub around/off with a towel. This completely removes all my eye makeup. And usually I use the Shea Moisture African Black Lotion because that's what I use on my face anyways. Then I continue to apply the lotion rest of my face. Bam! Makeup removed! 

So that's that! Do you guys have any favorites? Have you switched to organic products or gone "no poo"? I'd love to hear about it! 
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