Thursday, August 23, 2012


It is no secret that I love glasses.

As a kid, I would watch my brother and sister go to the glasses store to pick out their favorite eyeglasses and then get to wear them around. They had those cool little glasses holders and a cute little cleaning cloth. I’m not going to lie, I was always secretly jealous. I’ve always had pretty good vision, so unfortunately there was never a need for me to have glasses. But I always had a secret yearning for a pair of some really dorky cat-eyed glasses or granny glasses to adorn my face!

However, glasses are kind of expensive so I’ve been forced to suppress my love for glasses and resort to cheap (but chic!) sunglasses. That doesn’t keep me from dreaming of wearing a pair of glasses myself though!  And thanks to, I can test out as many pairs of glasses I want without ever having to leave my house!

GlassesUSA has this really awesome feature called the Virtual Mirror that allows you to upload a picture, take a picture, or even use one of their pictures that best matches your face frame. From there, you browse through their awesome collection of mutlifocal glasses and choose your favorites. And it allows you to move around your picture, resize it, rotate it, and even provides a handy ruler to see where your eyes should be (I used that a lot!).


I found some really awesome pairs, here are my favorite:

muse rex brown 
I think these were my favorites! 
muse rex brown glasses 
Muse Rex Brown
isee009 isee turtoise 
    iSee 009 Brown                           iSee 025 Tortoise Shell

I highly recommend trying this app out. If not to find some awesome and pretty cheap glasses, then just for fun! Even though I don’t have the chance to sport around glasses regularly, at least I can pretend, right?! It’s just too fun to resist.

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Do you wear glasses? If so, what kinds are your favorite? 

IMG_5162 copy
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