Sunday, August 26, 2012

Girlish Garb: Instagram Part 2

Second round of Instagram outfits. 
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This weekend has been really good to us. Friday, we went to a brazilian steakhouse for dinner (SO GOOD) and then went downtown to "bar hop". We crashed at my dad's for the night and then Saturday morning we went to go pick Eliza up from Brandon's mom. After that we went to my mother's house to hang out and rounded up our friends to see them one last time before they all part ways this week for school (we're going to miss them all so much, some are going across the country and even overseas!). We went to an AMAZING store (I'll share more on this later) and then took Eliza to a birthday party where she played and played and I had a few too many drinks ;). Brandon drove us home and we all dove straight for the bed. This morning we are taking it slow and relaxing. This week is going to be big, starting school for us and mother's day out for Eliza. I'm taking full advantage of today before the craziness starts. If anyone is interested, the 50% off sale is still going on. I'll probably just leave it up for another week, code: AUGUSTSALE

How has your weekend been? Anyone else starting school or have kids starting school? I've started getting that excited/nervous feeling! 

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