Thursday, August 2, 2012

Girlish Garb: Eliza's B-day

Photos by my sister, Alex! As we were walking out of the "rainforest" on Eliza's birthday, I asked my sister to take some quick outfit pictures and she promptly agreed. I sure am glad that we did, the scenery was gorgeous and they came out so pretty! Thanks sis (: 
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Pardon my stain, Eliza spilt bubbles on me! 
Outfit Details: 
Dress: from my mother, also seen here 
Shoes: Target
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I love this dress, it actually used to be my mother's and apparently she wore it on her honey moon! It's definitely a favorite and only gets brought out on special occasions or when I'm feeling festive. So Eliza's birthday was the perfect opportunity to wear it. Plus it's like the comfiest dress I own. And it has pockets. Yessssss. 

Today, Eliza and I are venturing to Georgia (and a few other places) with my dad and sister. I hope Eliza can stand the car for a few more days! This trip won't be nearly as long though (car ride wise). And we'll be stopping in Florida and New Orleans along the way! I've been feeling extra lucky the last two weeks that I get to go on these fun road trips. And I'm so lucky that Eliza is such a good sport! Have you gone on any good road trips lately?! What's your favorite summer vacation spot? 
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