Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Easy DIY Teepee

4 1x2x6 pieces of lumber ($3 each)
Some string, you could even possibly use yarn? 
An extra queen sized sheet (I've got quite the vintage sheet collection, so fun to dress this up with!)
Optional: Drill and small drill bit

*Please excuse my not so tidy living area*
Now, I say the drill/drill bit part is optional because you can probably do without that. First, you'll arrange your 4 sticks so that it makes a square/rectangle at the bottom. Then, wrap the string all around the top where they meet. You can drill some holes towards the tops and put the string through them for added security. This also helps to keep them together when you fold it all up. But may not be necessary if you can just wrap them all up and get them to stay (haven't tried that though). 
IMG_8377 copy
Next, you take your sheet and hold it so that the short sides are perpendicular to the ground. With the middle in the back of the teepee, wrap it around to the front. And tuck the tails in around the front sticks. 
IMG_8380 copy
Add some pillows...
IMG_8390 copy
A naked baby and some toys.... 
And now you have a play teepee!! I originally made this for Eliza's second birthday. Back then, it had an extra stick and I attempted to make a fitted piece of fabric with panels for each space. Welllllll, it turned out a little wonky and was too much of a hassle to put together. So it was put away for a very long time until I somehow simplified it into this. Now it is usually stored in the little space between that shelf there and Eliza's toybox! I can set it up in literally 3 minutes and put it away even faster. We like to read books, play, and sometimes even sleep in there! Eliza sleeps in a toddler bed on the floor and this will even fit over it for special occasions ;) It's just a fun little thing to make regular activities a little more exciting! 

In other news, I start school tomorrow!! I'm getting more nervous but I'm kind of ready. I've got lots of mixed feelings, really. It's a little overwhelming to think about, it's going to change a lot of things... not that we didn't do all of this last year. I guess it's just a matter of getting back into the swing of things. I'm looking forward to a more solid schedule. Kind of daydreaming of nights that I can cook dinner at a reasonable time and put Eliza to bed before 9 (that rarely happens). And maybe, just MAYBE being able to wake up early to do things like blog/homework instead of staying up all hours of the night. Wishful thinking? One thing I'm seriously stressed out about though is the extra work load. I've been really motivated with all my store stuff and I'm a little worried how my time will be effected once school starts. And with housework. I've been doing a little makeover (decluttering, simplifying, cleaning, exterminating), just changing things up a bit while I make our home even more homey and easier to maintain. I've made a lot of progress in both of those areas and I just don't want to go backwards. Oi, sorry if I'm rambling... 

Anyways, I hope everyone had a great Monday. Good luck to all of my fellow school-goers! 
IMG_5162 copy