Sunday, August 5, 2012

California to Arizona: Part 3

The last part of our trip, we stopped in Phoenix, AZ to visit Brandon’s sister & fam. That was really cool, we have only seen her a few times since she moved up there (almost 2 years ago). Before that she lived in the same town as us and we would see her every week! So it was really nice to finally visit her and see her new home. And Eliza played happily with her cousin the whole time, poor thing bawled when it was time to leave.
(thank goodness for sleeping in the car!)
some celebrating for her third birthday... 
Remember this cute little munchkin from our Las Vegas trip? Brandon is her favorite... 
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That's Brandon up there.... being a crazy boy. 
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And again, with the being crazy.... that boy. 
And here's me, dressed for the desert! 
After a night in Phoenix, it was a 19 hour drive back home! We lost our 3rd driver so it was just me and Brandon. It was a little tough but we managed. Not the best drive ever but we were elated to finally be back home.  We got in at around 8 o'clock Wednesday morning and all fell asleep in our bed till about noon. It. Was. Sooo. Nice.

Eliza and I had Wednesday to relax and do laundry. Then on Thursday we packed up and hit the road again for Georgia! This trip has been MUCH more relaxing (I haven’t had to do any driving so far!). I've definitely been catching up on some much needed sleep (and homework too!) We will be visiting some new places as well as some familiar places. Brandon wasn’t able to get off work for this trip and we miss him a lot! But my family has been a huge help in taking care of Eliza. Since I have less to worry about on this road trip (money, driving etc.), it makes it much easier to watch after Eliza. Definitely a little less overwhelming. 

Right now we are in Atlanta and tomorrow we start heading back, stopping in Florida for the night. Can't wait to relax on the beach tomorrow night! And maybe find some cool shells for Brandon! Hope all of you guys are having a wonderful weekend. I can't believe it's August and that summer is almost over!  
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