Saturday, August 4, 2012

California, Part 2

After Renegade, we went to visit Venice Beach! And it was BEAUTIFUL. We all love, love, loooooved it. And then the day after, we visited The Getty which is a museum of sorts. I think that was my favorite part of LA, it was just beautiful. We saw an exhibit on Gustav Klimt (love him! I have some of his art here) and the landscape and architecture was just gorgeous. 
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Eliza ended up getting her dress completely soaked! Luckily Brandon had just bought a shirt and we threw that on her. 
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the gang
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Visiting California was good, very good. But of course, every trip has some drawbacks. Traveling with a kid is obviously more difficult than not, I’ll expand more on this later.

Also, this trip was important because we have been kind of considering moving here. Although I LOVED lots of things about California, I was a teensy bit disappointed about a few things in LA. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great city and I’m glad my friends are happy there but I’m not quite sure it is the place for me? I just don’t know about the desert-ness. It’s just the complete opposite from where we live. I just really like grass and that is hard to come by in LA. 

I loved the cool weather though. That was a major plus in my book and definitely left an impression. I’m thinking maybe California but a different part? Possibly? Somewhere that’s not a desert? Who knows.
But it’s been a great experience for Eliza. She’s been loving the new places and she even made a new best friend! The people we are staying with have a young dog to which Eliza has grown fond of. It was so cute. Almost makes me want a pet.... almost. 

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