Thursday, August 23, 2012

Apple Brie Melts

I got this idea from Pinterest! I love Pinterest. Especially for food recipes. It's like my own online recipe book! You can check out my food board here: Yummy-ness. Anyways, I got this recipe idea from here, except I changed it a bit (I didn't have apple butter). This is such a good, sweet, vegetarian sandwich. 
French Bread 
Dijon Mustard
IMG_8107 copy
We used whole grain sandwich bread the first time around and it was... ok. So we tried some french bread next and it was the bomb! All you do is slice up some apples (I liked mine really thin) and then add some brie and spread on some dijon mustard. The mustard was the perfect combo to kind of balance out all the sweetness. Perfect. 
Any other good vegetarian sandwich combos I should try?!
IMG_5162 copy