Monday, July 9, 2012

Mingle Monday: Tigerlilly Quinn

Mingle Monday again! Today we have Fritha from Tigerlilly Quinn!! 



1.       What got you into blogging and how long have you been at it?
I started my blog as a way to showcase my illustrations about two and a half years ago now.My boyfriend had convinced me to leave a job I hated and was supporting me whilst I looked for one I could stand! In this time (as well as applying for jobs) I got the chance to start up this blog and get back into my artwork. Since then it slowely became a lifestyle blog as more and more posts about our days crept in, now it features a lot of my six month old so you could say its more of a 'mummy blog' but its interesting how it has evolved!


 2.       What does blogging mean to you? Business or pleasure?
Originally it was business, a way to get my name and work out there, now it is pleasure, I blog daily and if I dont I really miss it! Its a huge part of my life now

3.       What do you mostly blog about?
I blog illustrations, what I wore posts, recipes, photos of our family life


4.       What do you besides blogging? What’s a normal day like in the life of Fritha?
My days mostly involve playing with my son Wilfryd! Now he is getting a little older and able to amuse himself for longer periods of time I am able to also enjoy creating. I will usually work a little on whatever commision I have going at the time, look up fun things to make for us to eat as a family or go for coffee with friends!

 5.       Do you plan out your posts or just kind of wing it? Strict schedule blogger or go with the flow blogger?
certainly more of a 'go with the flow' type of person, although I do have a few regular features such as 'what I wore' posts and 'our weekend in pictures'


6.       Are you a daytime blogger or night owl blogger?
A daytime one for sure, I blog in the morning when Wilf is having a nap, I have always been a morning person and you will rarely see me awake past 10pm these days! 

7.       Name a few of your favorite blogs and why?
I love Che and Fidel, the photography and her way of life is inspiring to me. -
I love Sarah Illustrator for her illustrations and family pictures -
I love Secondhand Sundays for her cute pictures of married life!

An example of a 'what mama wore' post -


Thanks Fritha! That little boy of yours is precious (: 

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