Friday, July 27, 2012

Links: DIY

While I'm out of town, I thought I'd share a few DIY links I've had laying around. Whenever I see a cool DIY, I like to save it in a post and eventually I save enough to make an entire post of DIY's!! 

I like to think I'll get around to doing these someday.... and when that day comes, I'll know exactly where they are (: 
DIY A-frame tent
Hand stamped business card ideas
rag rug 
Braided Rug Tutorial
tap pants
Custom pair of tap pants
25 Scarf Tutorials
Design your own leggings
granny squares 
Granny Square Tutorials

Summer DIY ideas (mostly shorts!): 

-DIY american flag shorts made with bleach

-Ombre bleached/distressed jean shorts

-Studded shorts

-Bow pocket on jean shorts

-Acid washed jeans

IMG_5162 copy