Monday, July 2, 2012

Link Love

I've been tinkering with the layout a little bit and changed it around. I can't quite find what I'm looking for but it's going to stay like this until I do.... Anyways. 

Here's a few random tidbits before I go to bed! First some link love for a few blogs I've been loving, new and old. No specific order.  

Bleubird- This pretty preggo mamma is also a fellow Houstonian. And I love her style. 
A Well Traveled Woman- I look forward to this one everyday, makes me want to travel.
Snakes Nest- This gal is so pretty and is also a young mother. 
The Bohemian Collective- So inspiring. 
The Road is Home- Most gorgeous photography ever and a new mamma!
Vintage Virgin- A thriftoholic and vintage lover! Also from Houston, she's pretty rad. 

Here's the most amazing yoga video you will ever watch. I've been doing yoga non-stop since this. Someday, this will be me (: 

Also, funny thing. Here's a link to my first post, oi! 
An awesomely amazing lookbook (if you haven't seen it already)- Wildfox Romeo and Juliet Survive! 

And a conversation between Eliza and I: 

Eliza: Mommy, when I was your age I wanted to be a good cooker 
Me: Oh ya? 
Eliza: But my pappa said to me, you can't cook when you're little 

Goodnight everyone, hope your weekend was swell. See you bright and early Monday morning!

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