Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Goals & Dreams for 2012

I don't think I ever posted an official "goals" list for 2012. Part of the reason is because I have several... woops? Anyways, I found one last night and am surprised to have actually accomplished a few! 

Here were some of my Goals & Dreams, some personal, some blogger goals, and some business: 

1) Finish school- hmm, don't think this is happening this year
2) Create 3 e-courses- Don't think this is going to happen either, I haven't even finished my first one! 
3) Guest post on 5 other blogs- Done! (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
4) Start doing paid advertising on my blog- Did that too (: 
5) Have at least 12 guest posts- I don't think I have 12 yet but I'm on my way! 
6) Get 200 twitter followers- not yet
7) Send out 6-10 products to other bloggers (for free)- I need to work on this one! 
8) Get 200 followers on my blog- Did this too! Probably my proudest accomplishment, eeeee (: 
9) Get 300 Facebook "likes"-almost! I'm at 214

IMG_5162 copy