Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fourth of July Photo Overload

Beware, lots of pictures!!

For our 4th of July we traveled to our home town to attend a barbeque at my Mom's house. We spent the afternoon with family and friends and tons of good food. Everyone was sporting their best American gear and when it got dark, we laid out on blankets in the front lawn and watched the boys blow up some fireworks. It was great. 
IMG_6101 IMG_6110 IMG_6118 IMG_6125 copy 
^^ My awesome sister making an awesome flag cake. 
IMG_6120 IMG_6134 IMG_6269 IMG_6281 copy IMG_6141 
^^ Brandon's mom
And um.... I got a little obsessed with black & white. Soooo the rest are all monochrome! 
IMG_6181 IMG_6174 
Her "smile" face gets me every time! 
IMG_6175 IMG_6184 IMG_6195 
Brandon being a goof...
IMG_6210 IMG_6235 
IMG_6254 IMG_6216 IMG_6206 
^^My pretty mom
And pretty sister (: 
IMG_6239 IMG_6241
Excuse my head! These are both of my pretty sisters.
IMG_6222 IMG_6316 IMG_6261 IMG_6257 IMG_6289 IMG_6291 IMG_6294 IMG_6272 
^^This is Brandon's dad, can you tell? 
Nice face, dude. 
Eliza's second 4th of July outfit. I brought like 5 because this girl will change outfits so many times in a day.... I guess I'm to blame for that ;) Plus, that's just how many red, white, and blue dresses she has. 
IMG_6283 IMG_6323 IMG_6305 
And last, the only picture of fireworks we got. I was too busy enjoying the big ones that I didn't take any pictures.... Woops. 

Hope my American readers had a great 4th of July! 
IMG_5162 copy