Monday, July 16, 2012

A Few Things: Reflecting

Last night as I laid in bed I was trying to remember the last time I had gone to the doctor and then Irealized how much time has gone by! Eliza is going to be THREE in a week. I can not believe it. And I started thinking about how much has changed since I've had Eliza. I though I'd share. 

3 Years Ago: I had just turned 18, and graduated high school (with a big ol' belly!). 
 I had Eliza smack dab in the middle of summer. At this point we were living at my mom's house so that she could help us with being new parents and all. 
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Shortly after, all our friends went off to college and we moved to my dad's (an hour away). He had more room and would pay for my college. We would stay here for about a year and a half. Then Brandon got a job and was away from home a lot more. Me and Eliza hung out all day. 
I had beiber hair!! And don't laugh at my braces.... 
P1070890 P1090104 1 

2 years ago: We were still living at my dad's house. Eliza turns 1 ^^ and starts to walk and talk. I have begun school and Brandon would start shortly after. I become restless at home and do a number of things to keep me busy including swapstyle (I was addicted for a while) and then moved on to sewing which is when I found Etsy. I then decided to start an etsy store and spent night and day sewing things (most of which were really bad). Then I started selling some vintage and made a little bit of head way. Etsy was slow and eventually I decided to get a "real" job as a waitress at a local restaurant which I hated (my boss was INSANE). I quit my job for "school" but mostly because I didn't have time for Etsy and wanted to focus more on that.... and school. Brandon and I contemplated moving out of my dad's.
Her 2nd christmas. ^^ that was our christmas card
IMG_0223 IMG_0280
1 year ago: We decided to move out of my Dad's house into our own apartment 15 minutes away. Even though it wasn't far away, it was a really hard move (mostly because my dad didn't want us to move out). I made my old room into a studio and had to start buckling down! Now I had bills to pay! The end of the month was always a struggle. I still don't make more than I used to, selling on Etsy is hard. Eliza turns 2 and we have a big (first) party at our apartment. All of our friends come and it was awesome. 
First meal at our apartment!! 
Today: We are still living in the same apartments. Brandon's received a promotion since and paying bills has been much easier (although I feel bad for not pulling my weight all the time). We're still in school and are super busy. We've got a schedule where I can work 3 hours every day during the week. It's not ideal but I work really hard and try my best. During the school year, Eliza goes to a Mother's Day Out program which my mother so graciously pays for (thanks mom!). It's truly a life saver and allows me to actually go to school. 
First day of school 
IMG_1026 copy christmas card 
Eliza's 3rd Christmas, in our apartment! ^^Our christmas card
IMG_4846 IMG_4827 
Eliza is almost 3 now! She's the smartest little kid and just amazes me every day. 
IMG_7444 IMG_9564

We have plans on moving soon. As soon as we can. We're not sure where yet but we have a few places in mind. I (hopefully) will be graduating by next summer which is when our lease will end and we will possibly be moving away. 

So much has changed since I've had Eliza and it's kind of scary to think it's been 3 years already! It seems like it was just yesterday that I was living at my mom's carrying little sleeping Eliza around. 

I've been feeling very appreciative lately. I really love where we're at. I love my job (most of the time) and am so thankful that it's something I enjoy and can create and maybe even get a future out of it. Who knows what will come of it. I also love blogging. I love all you guys. I went through all my comments yesterday and replied to them by the way (: It just made me so happy, you guys are the sweetest. 

I'm so glad I'm almost finished with school. I'm ready for that part to be over. And I can't wait to see where we end up next year. I hope it's some place really pretty. 

I love Brandon and I love Eliza and I love our family. We're so lucky to have parents that love Eliza so much and take her off our hands so we can enjoy doing some fun college kid things. We'd probably go crazy without them. 

We've become a lot healthier as a family, eating-wise. We don't get out as much as I would like but hopefully when we finish school, we will have more time for family outtings/fun/excercise. 

We've become much more environmentally conscious since moving out into our own apartment. It kind of takes living on your own to realize your impact on the earth. We recycle, compost, *try* to grow our own food and buy mostly from thrift stores. We've also done a lot to take chemicals out of our home. No shampoo, conditioner, unhealthy body washes. Better dish detergent, home-made laundry soap, and even home-made bath scrub! I'm working on the organic makeup part... that one's a little trickier. And we've been minimizing like crazy! Which feels really good. Who needs stuff?! 

Sorry, this might be kind of all over the place. It's just a bunch of random thoughts and being appreciative/reminiscing. It's just so crazy how much can change in one year. I could never have imagined all this to happen but I'm not complaining ;) 

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