Monday, July 23, 2012

Cabin 2012!!

This is what I was up to this weekend. Well not all weekend. I was supposed to stay home and work all weekend which I did all day Friday. And then cleaned and cleaned and cleaned and did homework on Saturday. But as the day went on, I decided I just couldn't miss out and traveled up to the cabin where all my friends and Brandon were. 

This is like a yearly tradition. We started going here in 2009, my senior prom. The "cabin" was our after prom. And I was pregnant. (fun and not so fun at the same time)
Then the next year, 2010, the seniors decided to go again and invited some of the veterans back ;) 
Now it's a yearly summer tradition! 

It's basically just this little house on a buncha land with 3 lakes. It's out in the middle of no where and is heaven. 

Anyways, here are some pictures. 
6725 6788 
This picture is semi-embarrassing but I look so happy! So I couldn't leave it out. No judging please (: 
6785 6744 
And I just liked this kid's get up. Like a hipster amish guy? 
6702 6741 6733 6745 
they killed ducks the day before in that boat.... boys. 
6773 6750 6758 6723 6772
Is this not the cutest pup ever?!
I had a surprisingly relaxing weekend. Brandon and Eliza left early on Friday (Brandon for the cabin and Eliza to her Nanna's) so I was alone all through the night and the next day. So naturally I stayed up all night and made large batches of tomato sauce and raspberry jelly! Haha, I'm lame. 

I got to work all day Friday which was really nice. I usually only get about 3 hours a day so it was nice to just go all day without interruptions. And then Saturday I slept in (so awesome) and spent my morning cleaning my house and doing homework. Then later that afternoon I headed up to the cabin where I stayed until Sunday afternoon. 

I'm not going to lie, this morning was tough. I actually didn't go to sleep until after the sun came up (around 6-7) and then was awoken around 10 by everyone that had actually gotten sleep. Eventually we all parted ways, I picked up Eliza, and went to eat some mexican food to cure my sick tum-tum. We were running on a liquid-only diet all night and morning (if you know what I mean) so mexican was just what I needed! Stuffed avocado=best hangover cure ever.

And then I drove the hour back to our house and dragged our sleepy little baby inside where I was able to sneak in a power nap before she woke back up. 

All in all, great weekend. I got some much needed alone time, did some serious work, then got to see all my friends and do some serious playing. Just what the doctor ordered! 
IMG_5162 copy