Thursday, June 14, 2012

My Bizarre Last Two Days

So it all started out Tuesday. Usually Brandon sleeps from 10 am to 3 pm (he works from 3 am to 9 am) and I go to work after that. But we decided we wanted to travel north that afternoon to see some friends so I went straight to work when he got home at 10. Brandon and Eliza joined me at work which was kind of nice, they were some great company. Then once I finished, we packed up and headed north for the evening. Now keep in mind, when we left it was bright and sunny and at least 95 degrees with no clouds in the sky

My brother also came along (he works with Brandon in the morning). So both of the boys fell asleep and after much fussing, so did Eliza. It takes an hour to drive up to our home town so it was just me and the music. After we got about halfway I noticed some serious rain clouds. The kind where there's a line in the sky and everything after that is just dark. Yup, and I was driving right into the beast! I was kind of excited though. We hadn't gotten rain in a while because it usually doesn't make it all the way to where we live. 

Eventually the traffic started to slow down and I though, "Here we go". It started to sprinkle a bit but after about 5 minutes it tapered off. And I'm not going to lie, I was a little disappointed. But a few minutes later the traffic slowed to about 10 miles per hour. I looked ahead at the trees along side the road and could see so much rain. I braced myself and kept driving. And before I knew it, it started pouring down rain. And the wind was incredible. The trees next to us were whipping back and forth and the rain seemed to be spitting at us. All the cars around us had their emergency lights on as we drove as slowly and carefully as we could through the mess of rain we were stuck in. The visibility was next to none and then all the sudden my gas light went on! We were about 20 minutes from our destination and I started to freak out. "Brandon! We're going to run out of gas right here!" Haha, yes I said that. I woke him up and we decided to exit as soon as possible to find some gas. 

So we get off the high way and make it to the first gas station. Lo and behold, all the power is off and we can't get gas!!! So we decided to take some back roads and hopefully make it all the way to my mom's house. The first street we turned on had TERRIBLE flooding. And this has never been an issue before because I've always had taller cars but I was definitely nervous about flooding my car. And the next street had a tree all the way across the road! Seriously guys, it was all the way across. The only way to get through was under it, thank god for my tiny little car! We finally made it to my mom's house and let me tell you, it was like a flashback from hurricane Ike. No electricity, trees down everywhere (we're talking tall pine trees, taller than two story houses), the streets where littered with branches and leaves and no joke, the temperature was 70 degrees. That's like a 25 degree temperature drop! I was shocked. And the thing that got me was that if we didn't get power back, we wouldn't be able to get gas and go home. So we were stuck. Without power. At my mom's house. An hour away from home. I wasn't complaining though, I like to rough it every now and then ;) And I was certainly enjoying a break from our 95-100 degree weather!

After a couple hours the power came back on (right before dark too!). We were lucky though, most neighborhoods spent the night without any. Some friend of ours came over and enjoyed the electricity before they had to go back to their own power-less homes and we watched some important basketball game (not a sports fan..). We were able to find gas and got home around midnight. We barely made it inside before we all crashed on our bed.

Brandon got up at 3 (in the morning) and left for work. It must have been soon after he left but I woke up feeling sick. I felt so nauseous. I tried to sleep but could only lay awake trying to think of something besides puking. I finally just gave in and threw up. Ahhhh, I felt better. I thought that was going to be it and fell back asleep. And then I woke up again probably an hour later with the same sick feeling.... eventually puking and then falling back asleep. This lasted all the way until about 8 in the morning when Brandon got home. 

Brandon was so awesome though. He went out and bought me some Sonic ice, you know the little cubies that are so good to chew on and gave me a massage when my back was hurting like crazy. He stayed up and took care of Eliza for me so that I could try and get some sleep. I feel so bad, he was probably so tired since he didn't get a nap the day before and we were up so late that night but I was so sick and could definitely not take care of Eliza. I napped on and off and eventually dragged myself to the living room around 1 to give Brandon a break. I made a pallet on the floor and laid down with Eliza and we watched some movies on Netflix while Brandon slept. My body ached all over and it hurt to stand up, the worst thing ever when you have a kid. Eliza was really good though and was mostly entertained by the movies. After a while, Brandon got up and we all kind of laid around for the rest of the day. Eliza fell asleep on her own and Brandon and I watched a movie before he eventually fell asleep. Then I forced myself to stay up and finish some homework I needed to do before midnight. And miraculously by the time I finished my homework, I didn't feel sick and achy any more! We were still all on our pallet in the living room so I woke Brandon up and carried Eliza to the bed. And we all had a great night's sleep!

This morning, I feel great. I guess it was only a one day thing? So bizarre, the last two days. Everything just kind of happened out of no where? Just completely unexpected. And now it's all back to normal..... so weird.

Anyways, I'll be back later with a regular post. I just had to share my weird experience. Hope you guys are having a great week so far. It's almost friiiiday! 

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P.S. The store is back open if you want to check it out *wink wink*