Friday, June 15, 2012


Hey folks, a couple of weekends ago we went to a music festival in Houston called Free Press Summer Fest. It's quite an experience, let me tell you and quite possibly the best music thing going on in Houston right now. It's miserably hot but totally worth seeing all the awesome bands. Some of the best we saw were: Snooooooooop Dog, Flaming Lips performing the Dark Side of the Moon (soo, so good), Major Lazer, and Mr. Willie Nelson. Now, I'm not even a big fan of Snoop Dog but it was crazy to actually see him in person. I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

We took 4 disposable cameras with us (2 per day) and here are some goodies from the first day. 
Silly boys...
jon and brandon 
Camelbak's (or a cheaper/off brand like ours) saved our lives! The heat index was 105!!!
art car freepress heather and meg 
One of the bands came out and laid out this rope before their next song. They declared tug of war and started playing like crazy. Of course, Brandon and my brother joined in. 
Brandon in the white shirt ^^
Brother also in white shirt ^^
snoop dog 
Here's Snoop! You can kind of see him on stage but you can see him better on the screen to the right. 
Some guy standing next to us. These mustached things were supposed to be fans?
major lazer 
Brandon getting friendly with some band members
A marching band that came through the crowd in between sets? 
A break dancer
brandon and dillan 
Brandon (and his cute little mustache) and our friend Dillan
me and meg 
paint slide 
They had this huge water slide that they threw paint down. It's kind of a tradition. 
fat guy 
And I'll leave you with this beaute. Totally didn't mean to get that guy in the picture... ha!

I really liked how these pictures turned out. I only wish I would have gotten more! I can't believe it's Friday already. It seems like my week was just starting to get normal and it's already the weekend! Welp, no complaining over here. I'm ready for it!!! 

IMG_5162 copy