Monday, June 18, 2012

DIY: Clothes Rack (cheap version)

For my last pop-up show, I decided I wanted to make a cute clothes rack! So I searched and searched and finally came up with a clothes rack that would only cost me about $40. Now, it's not the sturdiest thing ever but it holds up pretty darn well. I don't know the exact measurements but I think mine ended up being 20 inches wide and about 5 ft tall. 

Here's what you'll need: 
EMT piping (I think I spent like $8 on it all) 
3/4 inch EMT elbow ($6 each-I'm pretty sure this is the right one, just make sure it fits on your EMT and will screw into your flange)
3/4 inch EMT Set-screw connector (3/bag for $3)
3/4 inch floor flanges ($8 each)
Some wood for the bottom (I already had this)- You can design this multiple different ways, see the pictures for how I designed my base. 
Screws for the wood base/flanges
Optional- paint for the wood. I used little paint samples that I bought from Wal-mart. You could probably just use acrylic paint though, it doesn't take very much to get the job done. 
I decided I wanted a bunch of little pieces side by side rather than one long piece of wood. So I cut a bunch of spare wood I had down to the same size. Then, I cut two pieces that would fit across all of the boards to hold them all together. 
Next, I painted them.
And when they were dry, I lined them up (making sure they were even) and screwed these boards on the bottom. P.S. Make sure you use screws that are long enough to go through both layers but short enough that they don't stick out the top!!!!
IMG_1304 8b7221b9-b9cc-438f-b8e7-222e5e8b2399_300 
Then, I took my little floor flanges ^^ and screwed them onto the top of my base, making sure they were both right in the middle! 
Now, comes the fun part. I decided to cut my own EMT because my dad has every tool known to man. You could probably go the easier route and ask the hardware store to cut it for you though.... 

Anyways, if you have this cool cutty tool thing, here's how ya do it. 
You take your EMT and place it between the blade and roller, tighten. 
Then, you twist around your EMT so that it cuts a little groove. Then you tighten a little more, and twist a little more until.... 
BAM! Cut! 
You will need two pieces that around 5 ft tall (or whatever height you choose) and then one piece at about 20 inches (or whatever width you decide on). Now, take your set-screw connectors and screw them into the flanges. Your 5 ft pieces will now slide into those little guys. Then, take your elbows and put them on the top of the 5 ft. pieces. And last, your 20 inch piece slides into the elbows!
Tighten everything real fast with a screw driver and you've got yourself a beautiful clothes rack!! 

I just love how it all came out. And it's so easy to take apart and transport to shows. Just what I needed! 

IMG_5162 copy