Monday, June 25, 2012

DIY: $10 Scentsy

Living in an apartment has it's downfalls, my biggest thing is that our apartment doesn't always smell the best. I mean it's not bad, it's just.... apartment smell? So for the days I can't just open the windows (hello 100 degree Houston weather) I like to have something to freshen up our air and make it smell nice! Candles won't do and spray fresheners are just.... chemicals.... all in my air. So another alternative I found was Scentsy. But after some thinking and researching I decided against it for two reasons. 1) They are so darn expensive!! and 2) I'd rather go a more natural route (i.e. not petroleum based wax!) So I searched for a cheaper and healthier solution! And it was pretty easy, all you need are three things: 

1) A candle warmer- $5 
2) Thrifted tea cup- $1 (I used one I already had but I assure you it cost me less that one dollar)
3) Soy wax melts- $4 
I met this lady at my pop-up show and she was so sweet!  I bought the blueberry muffin soy wax melts and boy do they smell delicious!! I will definitely be buying from her again. 
All you have to do is put your tea cup on the top of the warmer, pop in a cube of your soy wax melts, and turn that puppy on! We just love this thing, it's hard to keep ourselves from using it every single day! Seriously, it's the best. 

It's safer than a candle (Eliza and fire is not a good combo) and I just feel so much better knowing that it's not leaching chemicals into our home, what more can a mother ask for? 

IMG_5162 copy