Friday, June 15, 2012


Whatever you want to call them! I just signed up for Passionfruit ads and LOVE it! So I wanted to let you guys know the lo-down. 

I have two ads available. A large which is $5 and is up for 30 days. And then a regular which is $2 and is up for 365 days. The regular button is available for button swaps. You can enter the code 'SWAP' for a free button. But if you want to do a swap, please contact me first so I know what's goin' down.

I have imported all the old buttons so they will all be up for the next year. 

Sponsors Please Read: 
If you guys would like to update your button, just shoot me an email ( 
The regular/swap buttons will be automatically sized to 250 x140 so it must be that size or it will be distorted. 
**Also, the ads are ordered by which ones I imported first (totally random). I realize this is not fair to the ones on the bottom so I was wondering if it would be better if they were shuffled around for every page load. Would you prefer that?**

You can visit my sponsor page here
And Passionfruit ads here

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