Tuesday, May 29, 2012



Tonight, I'm extremely happy. Partially because Brandon made me up a very strong Fuzzy Navel (with fresh peaches, um yes please!).... but also because there's so much goodness happening! So I thought I would do a joy post, it's long overdue. (If you're new to My Latest Obsession, Joy Posts are basically where I share the joys of my day and what is making me happy. Just a place where I can write down all the good things in life to avoid being a negative nancy!)

My joys tonight: 
  • Brandon got the day off of work for memorial day so we got to spend some extra family time with him! During the week we don't get to be together with all three of us very often. 
  • I had a really good/motivated day at work and I can't wait to get back at it! 
  • A really big photoshoot is in the works right now and I'm super excited about it. Here's a little sneak peak.: 
I wasn't able to be there for the first part but the second part is on Wednesday and it's going to be so good. 
  • Also, I've got another photoshoot in planning that will be in a few weeks. Collaborating with other extremely creative/talented people is something I'm really enjoying! 
  • Freepress Summerfest is this weekend! We've got our tickets and camelbak ready to go! 
  • My next vintage pop-up show is in two weeks, yippee!! 
  • I've been re-inspired to do more upcycling and have so many ideas just waiting to be created. This summer is going to be great for the store
  • Also, summer means a road trip is in order, I've got a few ideas in mind ;) 
  • I officially have 200 gfc followers! That's kind of a big milestone for me! Just a few months ago, I was struggling to break 100 (: 
  • Last month I was unable to contribute anything to our rent bill (luckily Brandon is awesome and had my back) but this month I really buckled down on store budgeting/taking money out for myself and made my share of rent! I haven't made my complete half of our rent in a while so I'm pretty proud of myself. 

  • Also, a girl said this about my store the other day: A decently priced boutique that refurbishes vintage clothing and items toward a modern style. PERFECT! Exactly what I'm goin' for! So thanks girly, you kind of made my day (: 
  • I've got a little vegetable garden going and almost have one ripe tomato!! It's really teeny tiny but hey, I'll take what I can get! 
  • Brandon's been super supportive lately of my work. Not that he wasn't before but it's nice to see him really be interested in something I care about so deeply. It's nice to feel like I'm not in it alone. 
  • Eliza's had "mommy" anxiety lately which is kind of sad but it's really heart warming. If I say "Eliza, we're leaving", somtime's she'll burst into tears thinking I'm going to leave her! And then I'll pick her up and she'll give me a giant, soppy hug. It's so cute and just makes me melt! Of course, I'll cheer her right up and remind her I'm not leaving over and over until she gets it. My baby (: 
  • And last joy for today, I've been doing an extra amount of dreaming lately. I'll share more on that later but it's been both frustrating and liberating. I've been thinking about where I want to go, what I want for my life and the life of my family. It's so crazy to think how much I've changed in the last year and how my way of thinking about certain things has just completely changed. It's exciting? And I'm just as ready as ever to get on with life and do so many exciting things! I can't wait! 

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