Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Girlish Garb: Vegas Baby!

Ok, this is the only outfit post I managed to fit in while in Las Vegas but it's a good one! We were going to a shmancy airforce banquet (I think I said "navy" on instagram... woops?) and we had a few minutes before to snap some pictures of our outfits. Oh, and beware of the photo overload here, I had some trouble deleting a few ;)

IMG_3779 IMG_3782 
Outfit Details: 
Black Dress- Forever 21 (gift from mother-in-law)
Necklace- DIY (Brandon got me the stone on it)
Shades- Etsy 
Bangles/Bracelets- Thrifted 
Wedges- Forever 21
Belt- She Inside 
IMG_3783 IMG_3790 IMG_3788 copy IMG_3791 IMG_3797 IMG_3805 copy 
Brandon's Outfit Details: 
Shades (same ones!)- Etsy 
Suspenders- Thrifted 
White Top- Express? 
Corduroy Jacket- Thrifted 
Tie- Thrifted 
Pants- Thrifted? 
Shoes- I don't know? 
IMG_3813 IMG_3809 IMG_3806 IMG_3817 
The pocket watch was bought in Las Vegas at this super cool flea market type place called Swap Meet? It was a gift from his uncle. 

Las Vegas was so much fun. It's very different from Houston, let me tell ya! Everything is just so.... magical? And trashy at the same time? All the buildings are fantastic, there are drunk people everywhere at any time, cheap/bad food, gambling, drinking from the moment you wake up, and lots of sun! There's always something to do and somewhere to go. You don't have to look hard for entertainment. My favorite parts were going to see Cirque de Soleil and going to an oxygen bar (soooo good). I'll share some more actual pictures once I have time to go through them all! We did some drinking but not anything crazy. Mostly, we were there visiting with family which was really so good. It was awesome to see Eliza playing/hanging out with her cousins. They all got along so well. And we got a night to babysit/enjoy our newest little niece, Charley. If you follow me on instagram, you got a little peak of that. I had some serious baby fever going on! Speaking of fever, Eliza came down with a fever half way through which was a bummer. But I think she still enjoyed it. She was especially excited about her first time on a plane, which was quite an event! I'll go into more details later though. Hope everyone else had a great weekend. I can't believe it's Wednesday already. I kinda missed half of the week? Because it totally feels like Monday.... 

IMG_5162 copy