Friday, May 11, 2012

Girlish Garb: Studio Lounge Wear!

I knitted this hat a while ago and was kind of iffy about it. BUT now I love it! Of course, I only start to love it at the beginning of summer when it's almost unbearable to wear it! But hey, beauty is pain right? I'll just have to stay inside all summer! ;) 

In case you guys missed it, I did a guest post over at Chickiedee. I did a studio tour of my cleaned and simplified studio! To see how it used to look, go here. What a mess.... It feels so nice to work in a cleaned space. 

IMG_3145 IMG_3149 IMG_3152 
Outfit Details: 
Hat: Made by me! 
Dress: Thrifted (I think it's originally from Forever 21 though)
Belt: Thrifted
IMG_3158 IMG_3155

Ok, so I'm thinking about Brandon and I doing a vlog (because I'm too shy to do one by myself)? All in favor?! I would like it to be like a Q & A so if you have ANY questions, ask away! Seriously, don't be shy because I'm not sure if I'll get enough questions to fill up a video! So whatever you want to ask or are curious about, leave in a comment below (: 

IMG_5162 copy