Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Girlish Garb: Shady Beach Town

Remember me?! Sorry I've been gone for a little bit. I JUST finished with school for the semester so I'm back in the game! Here's a little outfit post from when we visited Galveston (ie shady little beach town). We found some cool little places and I coaxed Brandon into taking these pictures for me (thanks hun!).

Outfit Details: 
Favorite Shorts Ever: Thrifted/DIY 
Top: stolen from Brandon/DIY 
Belt: Also stolen from Brandon
Necklace: Target (on clearance, holla!)
Shades: Forever 21
Gladiator Sandals: Forever 21

So my weekend: 
Friday: "Attempted" to go to a bar. I say attempted because we basically got kicked out (I guess I look too young?). Yep, never going there again. 
Saturday: Definitely made up for the embarrassment that was Friday. Got a new bike (!!!!), went to a baby shower, got my car repaired for free (that's always nice), got to take my new bike out for a spin and saved a turtle! Then, went back to my dad's house to eat some fajitas, swim in the pool, and drink margaritas. Swimming was particularly exciting because Eliza kind of learned to swim! 
Sunday: My mom and step-dad came down to celebrate my birthday, they took me out to lunch and then to Target for a little birthday shopping! I FINALLY got some dang rain boots and a few other cute things. Then I spent all night working on a project for my final and passed out cuddling with Eliza. 

Good weekend all in all. Except for the lame bar experience. I guess he could smell the newb on me.... Ugh.  Sometimes I don't like Houston....

Thanks for all the sweet comments on the new logo! I'm so glad you guys like it, hopefully it's here to stay ;). I will be responding to comments within the next few days so if you've left one, look out! 

P.S. how would you guys prefer me to respond to comments? Cause I don't think it notifies people of responses which is super lame. If you guys want to leave an email in your comment than I can respond via email? What do you think? 

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