Friday, May 4, 2012

Evolution of a Logo

So, in my two years I've changed my logo up quite a bit! I always like to change things up and improve and it's kind of fun, looking back and seeing how far I've come. I just revamped the logo a bit and thought I'd show you guys where I started from and how it evolved! 

Starting off with this cute little gal. This is the stamp version, sorry. But you get the picture.

I decided I wanted it to look a little more graphic-y so then I drew some things, edited it on photoshop and came up with this.... 
Girl Makeup 
I liked it but it wasn't really.... memorable. So then I added the antlers! I tried a few other things like braids and headbands blah, blah, blah, but these really stuck. 
Antlers Short
After a while, it just got too busy. I wanted to simplify so I came up with this!
newlogo copy euphoreginic 
But it was so tall that it was hard to implement everywhere so the last couple of weeks, I've been designing a new, square version that's a little more boho/ragged but still simple and still my logo. And this is what I what happened: 
IMG new face blank 

And if you've noticed, I decided to integrate it into my blog too! But to differentiate them a bit, I gave the one here a floral headband.... I just couldn't help myself ;)

What do you think?! You can go check out the new one in action here

IMG_5162 copy