Wednesday, May 16, 2012

DIY: Studded Headband

I got this idea from a gal on Lookbook but can not for the life of me find her! I don't know if she had a DIY headband or just bought it but as soon as I saw it, I thought "I can make that!" And that's what I did.

All you need is some fabric (I used suede from thrifted pants), some studs, and then something to bend the prongs with. I usually use a butter knife but this thing worked. 
IMG_3418 copy 
Cut your fabric long enough so that it wraps around your head and has room to tie. 
Then you stick your stud in.... IMG_3422   
These two little prongs will be sticking out in the back. Just bend them towards each other with your DULL butter knife or whatever else you can use. 
Just keep going until you're satisfied! 
IMG_3446 copy

I don't know if I told you guys but tomorrow we are going to..... VEGAS!!! It's actually kind of a family event/get-together but hellloooo, we are going to Vegas! Eliza is coming and it will be her first time on a plane! We are beyond excited and can't wait to see some family members that have been gone for a while. I'm hoping to squeeze in some cool desert shoots while I'm there too, if Brandon's cooperative ;)

By the way, thanks for all your sweet responses to the post yesterday. After a couple of hours after posting, no one had commented and it started to make me a little nervous! But you guys are so awesome and I wanted to thank you for the kind words. I will be responding to them individually but that might have to wait until I get back. 

IMG_5162 copy