Sunday, April 1, 2012

Window Farm: Inspiration & Building

I can't remember how I came upon this but am super, super excited about this little project. It's pretty self explanatory, it's a farm.... in your window! The whole concept is very cool and if you watch the video it talks about how the development came to be via collaboration with people all around the world! Cool stuff. Anyways, I built one and through some trial and error have finally made it a success! Here's the TED talk that kind of started it all (for me): 


Mine consists of 6, regular sized, drinking bottles. I made it as cheaply as possible and is probably a bit different than the one on the Windowfarms website. I will try to explain it as uncomplicated as I can but if you have any questions, feel free to ask! 

So I started out by painting the top half of every bottle. I chose white but you can probably do different colors. 
Next, you need to cut out an opening for the plants to pop out! I came up with an oval template and traced it on 4 of the bottles. 
And cut. 
Then on all but one bottle (one without a hole in the side), you will need to trace a hole, the size of the bottle opening (it has to be smaller than the size of the lid but big enough to stick the neck of the bottle through). 
The bottle that doesn't have a hole in the side of top, you're going to cut the very tippy-top off. This will be the top one.
And drill four holes around the top, evenly spaced. At least half an inch below top so that it doesn't break. 
Then take 5 lids... 
And drill some little holes in it for drainage. 
IMG_5091 IMG_5098 
Start connecting them all by sticking the neck through the holes at the top and then screw the lid on which will secure them all together! 
Note: The bottle with the top cut off will be on top while the bottle with no hole in the side but a hole on the top will be the bottom. For the bottom one, since it doesn't have a hole cut out of the side, you will need to cut a tiny hole (towards the top) so that you can stick a lid on and screw it onto the bottle it connects to. And then the lid without the drainage holes will go on the bottom bottle so that the water doesn't drip out the bottom!! 
IMG_5095 IMG_5097   
This is a picture of all of them connected. It's kind of upside down but you can see the top (which is actually at the bottom) is the bottle with the top cut off. And then the four bottles in the middle have holes cut out on the side (which is where the plants will be). And the bottom bottle (shown at the top) is the water reservoir, so the lid on the bottom of that doesn't have holes and there's no hole on the side besides the little one needed to screw the cap from the inside. 

I hope this makes sense! If not, feel free to contact me. In the next post, I will show you how I installed it and started my plants!!

How's your weekend going so far?? Mine has been... entertaining! Last night we went to a gay bar with some friends and had a blast! If I could describe it in one words I would say.... interesting. It was so weird to see my brother hitting on girls.... and even weirder to see guys hitting on my fiance! I had to actually convince some guys that Brandon wasn't gay! It was so funny, here was one of the conversations: 

Guy: Well look at his hair! He's totally homo! 
Me: I cut it! 
Guy: Are you a stylist? 
Me: No! I wish... 
Guy: Well, what about those suspenders, I mean come on! 
Me: Haha, I bought those for him! 
Guy: .... Well you are one lucky girl, he's totally cute! 
Me: Oh, I know *wink *drag Brandon away

The plus side to that is we did get some free drinks... I mean... I didn't because I'm not 21 yet ;) It took some serious effort to keep those boys off my man but we had a lot of fun! It was nice to let loose a little and just dance, ya know?!

Anyways, hope you guys are having a relaxing, lazy Sunday. I know I am! 

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