Friday, April 13, 2012

Smoothie for the ill

While I've been sick, it's hard to eat anything solid. So I've mainly been relying on smoothies and soups! Of course, smoothies already make a regular appearance in my house but this was just an extra excuse to have one... or two everyday! Here's one loaded with yummy fruits and antioxidants: 

First, a handful of frozen blueberries. 
Next, a few spears of pineapple (I found out after this that it's easier to blend if you break these in half)
Next a few strawberries (optional, I haven't been doing this to my last few and still tastes great!)
And then some acai berries! I buy these at HEB in the frozen section. You have to run it under some hot water to thaw it a bit...
Then brake it up while still in the bag and squeeze them in. 
Then add some of your favorite juice (lately ours has been acai pomegranate because... hello antioxidants?!)
Blend and serve! 
(don't laugh at my kiddie cup! this is real life here people.... all the big girl cups were in the dishwasher ok?)
IMG_1287 copy

I do love me some smoothies. Also, do you like my blender? It's like the cheaper version of the magic bullet!!! I found it at Target for only $27. It's pretty much amazing. Since it's just the three of us, it's pretty useless to have a full sized blender so we donated our old one to save space! Nice! 

It's the weekend! And I've got some big projects in the making that are making me super happy/motivated/excited. I can't wait to share! 

Have a good weekend you guys! 

IMG_5162 copy