Monday, April 9, 2012

Mingle Monday: Half Price Full Sound

Welll I convinced Brandon to write up a little post for Mingle Monday! I told him to make it relevant and was quite impressed with what he came up with. Sooo, here it is. Enjoy!



Flipping through decades of hippies and hair makes diving for vinyl a rich and entertaining task. A task that goes hand in hand with the hours Sam racks up in thrift stores around the greater Houston area. She searches tirelessly through piles and piles of styles. Some bold, some hilarious, until she finds a piece that speaks to her. A piece that is familiar.

Unfortunately on my last dive, I was accompanied by my two year old and her attention span. So I was not able to indulge in mustached mariachi bands or the top 25 polka hits of Soviet Russia. I had to go straight for the goods.

I jumped to the Z's, checkin' on my man Zappa (Frank). And there, in all it's misplaced glory, was the warm serene face of the swedish Tom Waits look alike resting on a pair of seemingly comfortable bosoms. It was Tom Waits' ninth album, Rain Dogs in mint condition.

Tom Waits is a mythical creature who's raw and revealing poetry is delivered through the voice of an angel who's vocal chords have been set ablaze. Rain Dogs is a chaotic and honest (the only thing Tom Waist knows how to do) depiction of the entertainingly tragic streets of Manhattan. 

Despite it's place in the history of blues music, perhaps the best part about this iconic record is that it was.... $4.95!!! In the words of Sam Wish, "I just couldn't pass it up." I rushed home, baby bouncing under arm, to put that needle to the groove. Every crack and pop of the 33 made the words and sounds of Rain Dogs all the more real as only vinyl can do. 

So go diving!! Go hunt for a connection with the past, then dust it off, spin it round, and give it new life. That's why I dive for vinyl. 

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