Friday, April 6, 2012

Girlish Garb: Pink Dress

This dress is kind of a prized possession of mine. It belonged to my mother and... it's just freakin' awesome. I don't wear it often because it's BRIGHT pink but I was really feelin' it this day! And it's probably the most comfortable dress I own. 

IMG_0955 IMG_0945 IMG_0952 copy 
Outfit Details: 
Dress- from my mom 
Belt- thrifted 
IMG_0958 copy 
This is in my dad's backyard. It's just crawling with little rolly pollies! Eliza and I love to catch them and let them crawl all over our hands! Of course, we let them go after...
IMG_0941 copy IMG_0974

Oh! And I have to share something funny that happened the day I wore this! So I had to go to Home Depot to pick up a few things. I was walking around in this dress getting stares from all the guys as I walked by (I guess I shouldn't be surprised, it is HOT PINK). I walk down this one aisle looking for wooden legs and find them on a bottom shelf. So I kneel down and was looking at them when I hear this guy and a baby stroll up behind me. He doesn't work there (obviously, he has a baby) but he asked me what I was looking for. Oh boy. So I stood up and fumbled a little before I got out that I was looking for table legs. He was this short, hispanic man with a very feminine voice (I almost thought he was gay). But then he asked me what my name was and reached out his hand. So I said my name was Sam, gave him my hand expecting to shake his and then..... HE KISSED MY HAND. I think that's the first time anyone has ever kissed my hand and I was BEYOND creeped out. I mean who goes around Home Depot, WITH A BABY, kissing girl's hands! So then he told me I was beautiful, I thanked him, and walked to the cashier as fast as I could and got the hell out of there. Too much for me. Do people really still do that? Kiss people's hands that is? I shouldn't have been so horrified but the way he did it was so creepy like trying to get his sexy face on but just being even creepier. And he had a baby. No thanks. On the bright side, it got me out of that store without buying anything else! So that was kind of good? 

Anyways, I have a little down time and wanted to squeeze in a another post before the day begins. I'M SO EXCITED FOR TOMORROW. labkj;wlekbgajw;lekj! Wish me luck! 

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