Tuesday, April 3, 2012

First Guest Post: Kitty Snooks

Hey friends! Last week I asked you about guest posts here on My Latest Obsession. So I came up with a plan and invited one of my new favorite bloggers to come share a post today! I couldn't decide between a questionnaire type post or a real post so I settled on a little bit of both. Anyways, give a warm welcome to Katia of Kitty Snooks!


1.     What got you into blogging and how long have you been at it?

I cringe at this question. Because the answer is pretty embarrassing…. My first introduction to the big wild world of the Internet was by playing Neopets when I was about 7 years old? I continued to play on and off until I was about 14 or 15, but at that point I was in it for the guilds (sort of clubs with a ‘homepage’ and forum) because I had become obsessed with designing layouts for them! That led me to explore many graphic resources sites, eventually exposing me to the world of blogging! I’d say it’s been about 5 years that I’ve been blogging – though I never stuck with one until Kitty Snooks which I started in September :)

2.      What does blogging mean to you? Business or pleasure?

Well, I started Kitty Snooks as a distraction to get me through a hard time (and I knew I wanted to start one anyway, so it was perfect timing!) and I can’t believe the positive influence blogging has in my life. I’m motivated by reading others’ blogs and their comments on mine, I get inspired daily, and am reminded every day to be positive and live life with a smile. Blogging opens your eyes even more to the little beauties in life, which is such a key to being happy :)
As for pleasure over business… well. For now it’s for fun, but you never know what the future might hold *wink wink* !


3.    What do you mostly blog about?

My outfits, my artwork, things that excite me, music, inspiring things, etc. etc.

4.     What do you besides blogging? What’s a normal day like in the life of Katia?

I’m currently studying Illustration in university so I’m usually a busy bee running off to classes and constantly making art. It’s a pretty sweet life right now I must say. I also try and have fun reading, writing, cooking, running, playing with my puppy Oliver and spending time with my family!

5.    Do you plan out your posts or just kind of wing it? Strict schedule blogger or go with the flow blogger?

This totally depends on the day or the post! Lately I’ve been pre-writing my posts but only because I’ll have a whole bunch of ideas and time on my hands, but I don’t want to swamp readers with 58396783 posts all at once. Sometimes I wing it, sometimes it’s planned out more. I like to go with the flow though :)

6.     Are you a daytime blogger or night owl blogger?

It really depends on my schedule. On my days off I’ll write during the day, but if I have classes I’m usually home later in the day so I don’t have time until the evening! Getting to sleep on time is pretty important for me (6 AM wake ups for class? No. Fun.) So I try not to lose track of time at night while blogging. That’s not to say it never happens though….

7.     Name a few of your favorite blogs and why?

Am I going to be called a suck up if I say “My Latest Obsession”? I will? Ok. Well I’ll say it anyway! I love real bloggers, there’s a need for more of it out there, and Sam’s style is rawkin’ and her photos of her family are super adorbs!

It’s so hard to pick out of the bajillion amazing blogs out there,  but some other blogs I’ve been enjoying a lot lately are  “Little Chief Honey Bee”, “Simply Melissa Ashley”, “The Awkward Indie Girl”, “Dori the Giant” and “The Life of a Cupcake”. A group of really awesome girls that are really fun to read from!

I’ll end this off with a little sneak peek at some of the artwork I do! And a big thank you to Sam for letting me guest post on her rawkin’ blog, it’s been a joy :)

black and white prisma try flyingears selfportrait


I love Katia's blog, she's got such a great personality and I look forward to her posts everyday! Thanks so much Katia!!! 

For the future, I'm thinking of having guest posts on Monday and calling it "Mingle Monday"?! What do you think? I'll be back later with a little shop update/news. Happy Tuesday ya'll!

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