Tuesday, April 24, 2012

DIY: Floral Headbands Round Two!

You probably all know how obsessed I am with flower headbands. You can see my first tutorial here that uses a string of ribbon which you can also replace with stretchy lace ribbon

This tutorial however was inspired by one of my new favorite fashion bloggers, Snake's Nest, and this cool headband on Etsy. And I must say that I am in love. I haven't had a chance to wear any yet but I feel like these are going to get a lot of use this summer! 

What you need: 

This wrapped wire stuff (found in the floral dept.)
Some hot glue
Fake flowers 
And some pliers with wire cutters on them (not shown in the picture, sorry) 

I was learning as I went and found better techniques towards the end so I'm sorry if the pictures aren't of one specific headband! Just bear with me.

First, you need to take all the flowers off the stem and if they have a plastic piece sticking out the bottom, cut it off. 
IMG_1945 copy 
Next, cut a piece of wire that fits perfectly on your head. Not too tight, you just want it to rest on your head. Glue the ends like in the picture. 
IMG_1961 copy 
Next, cut a second piece just a little shorter than the first and kind of wrap it like in the picture. What I found works best is to start a few inches from the back, wrap an end and then weave it behind and in front of the base. Then when you get to the other side, wrap it in kind of the same spot and cut off the excess. And the trick is, to make it have these humps so it's easier to glue the flowers in the gaps (just makes them a little more stable). You might just have to experiment with that part. 
IMG_1977 IMG_1978 copy 
And then just glue the flowers on! This one, I didn't make large humps and it was a bit harder to get the flowers to stick.... learn from my mistakes! 
IMG_1975 copy IMG_1969 copy 
And another thing you can do is wrap the parts where the two wires combine in ribbon, to avoid any head-poking. 
IMG_1957 copy 
And one more thing, with these type of flowers I found that it's best to fold it, squeeze a little glue on the tip and stick them on!
Like this. 
And here are the finished results!!! What do you think?!

IMG_2183 IMG_2191 
(I think ^^ this one is my favorite!)
IMG_2193 IMG_2204 IMG_2197 copy

I'm pretty excited about all of these (: 

Over the weekend, the Grandma's took Eliza off our hands and we spent most of our time exploring our town! Friday, we ventured to downtown Houston and spent the day driving around in the rain scouting out locations for a future photo shoot. Then on Saturday we went the opposite direction and explored Galveston Island. It was a pretty chill weekend in all and it was nice to enjoy places near us instead of just wishing we could travel somewhere else. I'll have to post some pictures later. 

Finals are coming up as well as a bunch of other important events so it was nice to have a little break before things get crazy again. I am very happy to have my baby back though, we missed her a whole bunch!

In other news, my birthday is in two days!!! WAhooo! And I think we might be celebrating in Austin this weekend.... eeeeee! 

IMG_5162 copy